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My name is Caitlyn Brown.

I am 21 years old, my favorite color(s) is Purple, Blue, and pink. I lovee to listen to 90’s R&B music it makes me feel like im in a love story in every song i hear. I am a mother to a beautiful girl name shayla marie ramirez .. She is my everything. She is 3 years old and shes going to rule the world one day. Watch out now! I am currently still in high school.. Yeah i know a 21 year old back in high school blah blah you can all eat shit!! Yeah i said it .. And im doing the right thing thank you! I had my baby at 18 soo ? PLUS fyi i had a 70 year old strock .. Yea i almost died!! But the almighty lord was right there with me threw it all. I had a blood clot on my right side of my brain . my whole right side went numb… But i recovered well the surgery went well also .. I am doing well 4 years sense then i am healthy. So anyways back to me haha. I am currently in a relationship been together for 7 years on and off but we’re trying. He’s good to me we just have communication problems, typical relationship crap will talk about that another time. My future long term goal is, i want be a vet assist one day. I LOVE animals! Id rather be with animals then people to be honest. My life is awsome but sometimes it turns to crap and i dont have a friend to talk to soo this is my second choice telling you guys my problems, my goals, whats happing in the day of CAITLYN BROWN soo please don’t judge but then also dont lie.. I just want someone listen.

Thank you .